Proposta di Dottorato - Nanowire-based high gain photodetectors

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"Nanowire-based high gain photodetectors"


I have funding for a PhD entitled "Nanowire-based high gain photodetectors" with key-words: semiconductor optics, material sciences, optoelectronics and quantum optics.

This is a Champagne region funding to work mostly at the French Technological University in Troyes but with multiple collaborations  (see file attached for more details).

Dr Christophe Couteau

Enseignant Chercheur
Laboratoire de Nanotechnologie et d'Instrumentation Optique (LNIO)
Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT)

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Electrical and Electronic Engineering School & CINTRA CNRS-NTU-Thales
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
quantum nanoDevices - qnD www: http://www.quantumnanodevices.com
Courriel/Email: Christophe.couteau@utt.fr
WWW: http://lnio.utt.fr/fr/membres/couteau.html

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