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Macroaree: Nanotecnologie Molecolari - Spintronics

" Molecular Nanoscience Molecular Nanoscience: Hybrid Materials for Molecular Spintronics"

We are looking for a pre-doc student to cover a position at the Molecular Science Institute. During this period the selected student must enroll in the Master in Molecular Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and carry his research activity for the Master and PhD thesis.

Training project: Molecular Nanoscience Molecular Nanoscience: Hybrid Materials for Molecular Spintronics

Aim: The aim of this call is to grant enrollment of young researchers to the Master on Molecular Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the University of Valencia www.icmol.es/master/nnm) and doing the PhD thesis at the Molecular Science Institute.

Starting date: approx. jul-sept 2011

Duration: 2 years. If the student gets its Master Degree during this period, the grant will be extended 1 more year to do his PhD thesis.

Requirements of beneficiary:
These scholarships are open to people fulfilling the following requirements within the period of submission of applications:
- A degree from a non-Spanish university, fulfilling requirements for admittance to a master degree of PhD.
- Having obtained degree after 1 January 2009.
- Knowledge of Spanish or English (with good speaking skills) for the proposed training.
- Not being in possession of a PhD.

Scholarship amount: 1.200 €/month +1.600 for the 1st year in concept of travelling and settlement expenses + 1.200€ to cover part of the course fees.

Applicants required documents and deadline:
- Updated CV.
- Student record with marks.
- 2 letters of reference.
These documents can be sent in English or Spanish by e-mail to Paco Escrig (francisco.escrig @ uv.es) before January 28th 2011

Further documentation will be asked to the selected student.
This scholarship is linked with the project ERC Advanced Grant- Magnetic Molecules and Hybrid Materials for Molecular Spintronics. The grant is financed by the "Santiago Grisolía" program of the Generalitat Valenciana

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